It may be a common misconception that it is more difficult to sell your home in winter than summer. But there are advantages to selling during the cold months. A study shows that buyers tend to have more urgency from December to March. Also, homes listed in winter sells faster than in spring.

Actually, winter is the best time to show off a warm, cozy and family oriented home! If you decide to list your home, these strategies will help your home become a hot seller.

Value It Right

Winter is a terrible time to test the market and list high. In the event that the house doesn’t get an offer, you may need to reduce the price below the market value to grab a buyer before new properties show up in spring and make yours look stale by comparison.

Check closing costs of similar properties sold in the previous 30 days, then eye current listing costs to ensure your home won’t look overrated.

Begin with the outside

As with whatever season of the year, ensure that the house looks kept and tended to, with overhang troughs immaculate and minor repairs managed. While you can’t paint in winter, washing paintwork can have a noteworthy impact. Make sure that the windows are recently washed and repaired as well; winter light has a technique for highlighting grime. Warm up the curb appeal by adding cool-weather plants to liven up the outdoor space.

Make a good first impression

Once a planned buyer comes inside, note that you may have just 10 to 15 minutes to make an impression that lasts. Start with the living room. Lighten up the fireplace. Declutter. Display pictures that indicate how the house would look like during the warmer season.

A vital point for unoccupied homes: ensure the heat is turned on a few hours before the showing. All the window-dressing and organizing won’t lure purchasers to wait inside a house that is cold.